Monday 3 March 2014


Good morning.  It's a wet and dull start to the day here.  The BBC weather forecast says that by 7:00 it should be sunny (or what passes for sunny at that time).  Can't see that happening but I would be glad to be proved wrong!

Yesterday was quite a day, one way and another.  I set to and made the lemon mousse which was wonderful (it's now on the 'make it again' list) and prepared everything for a roast chicken dinner.  I went up to bathe and wash/dry my hair and when I came down, Beth wasn't here (and she should have been).  I was puzzled but all was revealed when I looked on Facebook.  On the way over she had been crashed into and was back at home dealing with insurance stuff.  It wasn't a bad crash, no-one was hurt, it was totally and absolutely not her fault and in the afternoon her car was collected for repair and she got a hired car to use, all part of the insurance provision.  But not a nice thing to happen, a real shock and it could have been a lot worse.

So I set to and made the dinner, then packed it all into containers and made my way over to Beth's and we ate our Sunday dinner there instead of here.  I made the most of the opportunity to play with the kittens who are now at the eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep stage.  What a life.  They are very sweet and extremely sociable and you can't sit down without one or more climbing onto your lap for a cuddle.

It's school in about an hour so I had better set to and get sorted and ready.


  1. Oh goodness, poor Beth! I am so glad no-one was hurt, but all the same, must have been a nasty shock. So glad the car can be repaired and that she has a replacement vehicle for now.
    The kittens sound delightful! Must be such fun.
    Hope your week is starting well.

  2. Forgot to say that the lemon mousse sounds amazing - yum! :o)

  3. Thay are very cute and you can see them yourself on her blog. She's posted a few video clips as well as some photos. If you google Indikon Tonkinese, you should find it.
    J x