Friday, 28 March 2014


. . . and here we are at the end of the week.  Today and one more week to go and it will be the Easter break.  Never was a break more eagerly anticipated.  It's going to be a good week: I have two friends staying and then when they go, another friend is coming.  I'm going to enjoy that!

Yesterday was a good 'un.  I don't call myself a good PE teacher but I do enjoy the dance lessons and the children do too.  They were marching like soldiers yesterday and doing a very good job of staying on the beat.  We also had fun finding things that worked by turning (Maths, a starting point for quarter, half and three quarter turns and recognising right angles - something I didn't do until secondary, but there you go - standards have fallen so much since then, haven't they?) and in the afternoon we did that old favourite, making a model of a Victorian rocking horse using card and a paper plate.  Bless them, they were so happy to be allowed to take them home and more than one little chap proclaimed that it was going to be a mothers' day present (or a granny present, in one case).  Lucky ladies!  The girls, however, wanted to keep their creations!  Maybe they were sensibly remembering that they've already made a gift.

Thankfully, the rain cleared up and playtimes were all outside and on the field.  Great happiness all round.  The children are so good: they wait patiently while the teacher on duty makes a judgement on whether the field is dry enough and, if the response is positive, they all go charging on with cheers of delight.  What a shame they lose that enthusiasm as they get older and 'grow up'.

So it was a good day with plenty of smiles and cheer.  One of the better ones over these last weeks.  I feel happy!

Today is SEN day.  And then it's the weekend . . .


  1. You sound very upbeat and I am glad you have had a good week and are looking forward to your well deserved easter break.

  2. Thanks, Diane. It's nice to feel cheerful - it hasn't been a cheerful term really.
    Have a great day
    J x