Tuesday 11 March 2014


Despite the sun, yesterday was pretty chilly.  I'd gone to school with no tights and wearing summer sandal and my toes were decidedly chilly to it's back into winter gear today, especually as it is dull and gloomy right now.

The school dinner system is all a-changing.  I have mentioned before that I eat my dinner with the children in the hall in return for a free meal.  Well, that's changed and there's a sticking point.  I don't mind the rule about actively supporting the children, monitoring the lining up (I do - that's why I sit where I sit), encouraging clean plates, etc.  I do all of that.  No, what is stopping me from using this system is that we have to remain in the hall for a full half hour.  I'm afraid I don't have a full half hour to spare over the lunch break, I eat for 15 to 20 mins and then I'm back in the classroom, working.  Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

I muttered yesterday about RE on Wednesday.  However, l;ater on inspiration struck and I now have the lesson more or less planned out and most of the resources made including a cute power point presentation.  They're using iPads which should bring a bit of merit (use of ICT) and there's a 'go outside' section so let's very much hope it doesn't rain - pleeeease, no rain!

A long day today.  I won't be home until nine.  I reckon a thirteen and a half hour day is a bit much.  Tomorrow is not so bad as the appointments are straight after school so it's more like normal time home but intensive stuff!  

I'm glad I slept well last night!


  1. You'll be more than ready for the Easter break. Jx

  2. Goodness, what a long day! I do hope you will be OK and that everything has gone well! You must be shattered!
    What a shame about lunch at school! Why would you have to stay in the hall for half-an-hour? I don't quite see why, even if the children do have to stay for half-an-hour, you have to as well?
    Hope everything goes well today and take great care! S.xxx

  3. It's half an hour's work to get a free school dinner, you see.
    J x

  4. Oh I see - oh right, ah well - as you say, it was nice while it lasted! What will you do about lunch now?
    Hope your internet connection will be up and running again soon!
    Have a good day - weekend again soon! :o) S.xxx