Saturday 1 March 2014


Welcome to March.  Pinch and punch, as the saying goes.  In like a lion and out like a lamb as another saying states.  I don't know about lions, perhaps it ought to be polar bear or penguin this time as it feels pretty icy out there at the moment.

Whatever the animal, it is now March and it is also the weekend.  Lovely!  Apart from planning, I intend to be pretty lazy.  I have bread to make and Sunday lunch to prepare (roast chicken) and washing and ironing; but apart from that I shatt take it east as I'm feeling more than a little bit worn out.

Interviews are interesting experiences.  Yesterday was the first time I have been involved in interviewing for a teaching member of staff whether senior or not.  It was certainly very different from interviewing for TA/LSA posts in some ways and much the same in other ways.  I feel we have got a good'un which is a most satisfying feeling!

You would think that sitting and talking all day would be an easy thing but it isn't, I was worn out by the end of the day and very glad to have to go home early and meet the hairdresser.  No I have had my long mane chopped off; it is a shoulder length bob with lots of layering.  I like it very, very much and have sent off for some of the 'straightening fluid' that she used.  My big worry is that I won't be able to reproduce the effect when next I wash and dry my hair but I will face that when I come to it!
The bread is ready but not started off, the coffee is on and I am feeling tired so I might go up for a bit more sleep.  After all, it IS Saturday!


  1. I bet your hair looks absolutely lovely! Can't wait to see it! :o)
    Yes, talking for long periods like you did can be exhausting and I am not surprised you were so tired.
    The roast chicken sounds lovely.
    Hope you were able to have a restful day. S. xxx

  2. Looking forward to your visit, Sonja.
    J x