Thursday 6 March 2014


The mornings are rapidly getting lighter, aren't they.  It was lightening up at six this morning which was nice.

Yesterday was good.  I quite enjoy observing (but not being observed) and the work and planning scrutinies weren't too onerous at all as everything was more or less in place.  I had time to get all the paperword finished and gave feedback to the teacher so that's now all done and dusted.  Phew.

Today is a full day with my class, thank goodness.  I'm looking forward to it very much indeed.
And now I must go as it's nearly time to leave for school.  Have a good day!


  1. Yes, the mornings really are getting lighter. When I leave to teach at 7am, I am driving in daylight now - seems to get lighter very quickly here.
    Yes, you do sound terribly busy, do hope you are OK and take great care!

  2. Things are rather hectic right now, yes.
    J x