Monday 24 March 2014

Written on Saturday

I can be very dim at times!

In this misery that is ‘No Internet Connection at Home’ I have missed writing my blog and, from kindly comments received, others have missed reading it.
I’ve even posted a few holding messages regarding why there’s no blog, posting on my school laptop at school and using the school connection.


So why has it taken me nearly two weeks to realise that I could write my blog at home, save it on my memory stick and then post it at school?  See – I can be very dim at times.

So, while I’m connection-less at home, that’s what I will do.  The same goes for Teacher’s Recipes.  In fact, I’m trying a stir fry this evening and, should it be as tasty as it sounds, I will be posting about it on Monday.  Later today I will be popping into school, starting up my laptop and blogging.  Yay!!! 

So – what have I been up to?  Well, work has been extremely stressful (which is one reason for the dimness, I suspect) and I’m finding things very difficult.  It’s hard to teach when one is close to tears some of the time but, thankfully, one copes!!!  To balance that I have a very dear friend staying for a while and when she goes I have another very dear friend coming to stay. Lovely!
And then it’s the Easter holiday and time to – er – start writing the end of year reports (deep sighs).

I’m finding that suddenly I have more time.  A LOT more time.  For the first time in ages the ironing board will be empty this evening and the washing will all be done.  I'm reading books (well, kindle books, anyway) and keeping on top of the mess.  It’s made me realise quite how much time I spend sitting in front of the monitor and when I am reconnected I need to discipline myself rather more.  It’s all rather addictive isn’t it?

Ah, well – must get the ironing board out now, telly on (nice Saturday cookery programmes) and in between sheets and hankies I will be roasting some veg for soup for tomorrow.  The lovely weather calls for fruits and salads so I must go shopping too.  The window is open, the broccoli has been picked and I need to get going!

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  1. I am so happy to be able to read your postings once more. I had not realised how much I enjoy them, nor how much I would miss your cheerfulness despite the pressures you face. Welcome back. Jx