Sunday, 2 March 2014


Good morning.  Welcome to a rather damp Sunday morning here.  It's obviously been raining and the sky is overcast.  In contrast, yesterday was lovely with quite a lot of sun.  George was able to come and work his magic with the old garden, digging up a couple of stumps which have been looking  ery boring and messy.

I had fun in the kitchen, making bread, English muffins (gorgeous) and cream in Thermione.  Dead easy it was too.  I have posted the muffin and cream recipes in Teacher's recipes in case anyone's interested.

Now I have cream to use up.  Successful cream and - er - cream that I accidentally made with salted butter.  I think I will make a nice deep omelette/quichy thing for Beth today - that will use some of the salty cream anyway.  The other - well I think lemon mousse sounds just the ticket and I have an easy recipe.

Apart from that I have washing and drying or I won't have much to wear tomorrow.  Better get going!!

Edited later on to add that the lemon mousse is delicious and an absolute doddle so please do pop over to Teacher's Recipes if you're interested.  Many thanks to Penny.


  1. Isn't making cream as and when you need it a really useful thing. I am fortunate as I only buy unsalted butter so no mistakes but as you rightly say salty cream should be fine for a savoury dish.

  2. It's extremely useful! The cream was very delicious too.
    I want to try it with long life milk now. It would be nice to have all the ingredients in and read for when.
    J x