Wednesday 5 March 2014


Apologies for the silence yesterday.  I was tired and rushed.

Like yesterday morning, it is cold and frosty today.  When I looked at last year's planning I remember that next Monday we had an inter-schools conference and it snowed hard all day.  I doubt there's much chance of that this year, even if the nights have turned cold.

We plough on.  Today is a monitoring day for me - well, from playtime onward anyway.  I have to observe a lesson and do a work and planning scrutiny.  So exciting!!!!!  Then, after school, it is staff meeting and we have been given time to write the reports for Consultation Evenings which are next week.  It's not enough, of course, but it's better than before so no complaints and many thanks (genuine thanks, not sarcastic ones).

It'a been embarrassing in school.  The change of hair style has caused a bit of a sensation and there have been a lot of comments - all nice, I hasten to add.  The look on my littlies faces when they came in on Monday was a picture but the long line of parents staring in through the window was not so funny.  The sensation has died down now, thank goodness, so maybe we can get on with life.  I don't like being the centle of attention, can't cope with it at all.

One disadvantage of having short hair rather than the long mane tied back in a pony tail is that it's going to need washing more often, because it gets combed and brushed more often.  So I'd better get going as it's still taking me quite a time to dry and style it - it doesn't fall straight without a lot of help!!!


  1. I'm sure your hair looks lovely and you will soon get used to styling it as you wish. I have had short hair for ages and find it easier in the end to keep tidy. Sadly I had to cancel my appointment as my world went mad that day so my hair is growing longer by the day. Eventually I hope I will find the time to get it cut and sorted out but for the time being it just has to hang like wet lettuce.

  2. Yes, I can imagine your new hairstyle did attract attention, but this will die down quickly, I am sure.
    Best of luck with the reports for consultation week - must be a lot of work for you all. :o(
    Have a good rest-of-the-week! :o)

  3. I'm sure your hair looks nothing like wet lettuce, Diane. But I know what you mean, it's the feeling of it, isn;t it?
    Thanks, Soja, things are a bit overloaded right now.
    J x