Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy Monday

I'm back.  It could have been sorted so much faster if Virgin hadn't messed me around but I guess these things are not only sent to try us but also to teach us and I have learnt quite how much I was using social media stuff.

I remember it was tricky going cold turkey with caffeine when I did Living Below The Line last year but I kept going and most of my coffee now is decaf.  I wonder if I can alter my social networking habits in the same way?

We will see.

Thank you very, very much to lovely Beth and Alex who came round here before four to sit in until I got home.  I'm glad you did because I gather the technician arrived before the time slot - by a few minutes.  Love you both!


  1. WELCOME BACK! :o)
    Great to have your blog back! You must be so happy to be back online again! :o)
    Look forward to catching up with your news now.
    Have a lovely day! S.xxxx

  2. Thank you, lovely friend. See you soon! :-)
    J x