Saturday 29 March 2014


Good morning!
I'm up early but feeling weary and achey so will probably go back to sleep at some point this morning.  No complaints there!  Isn't that what Saturdays are for?

I slept jolly well after a lovely Indian takeaway treat from my friends.We had all sorts of creamy delicious sauce-y things which probably provided all the calories we would need for the next week but I don;t care, it was absolutely delicious.  There's enough left over to provide me with another good meal, maybe even two, especially if I pad it out with extra veg.

It's a bits and bobs day today.  I have to make bread as I'm nearly out of frozen loaves and I want to make some more of those biscuits I posted about in TsRs.  For lunch I will try a Jack recipe, 'car-brie-nara' as I have all the ingredients.  I have to think about lunch (or dinner) tomorrow.  And there's the ubiquitous planning too, although that won't be such a hassle as last week of term planning is always a bit minimal.  What's the betting OFSTED will decide to turn up!?

The other thing I want to do is tackle another cupboard or set of drawers in my increasingly organised bedroom.  I'm feeling good about the way that is all going and am developing a touch of ruthlessness in my old age.

Right, well, enough pondering.  I'm off to get the dough on, empty the dishwasher and generally get started on 'things'.  Better early than late!

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