Monday, 24 March 2014

Written on Sunday

Well, as I have often said – the best laid plans, etc . . .

I trundled optimistically into school, accessing via the local library as one can, only to find a fire door closed and I didn’t have the code.  Darn it!!  It was such a good idea too!  Still, you lucky (!) readers will have three offerings to read tomorrow – one written yesterday, this one and tomorrow’s.  Hopefully that will make up for the silence just a little bit!
(and those of you who don’t have the foggiest what I’m on about – scroll back to ‘Written on Saturday)

As mentioned yesterday, I made some soup and it was truly delicious so I’ve blogged about it on Teacher’s Recipes – or rather, I have written it out and will be blogging it tomorrow.  I need to remember to say that it comes from April’s copy of Good Food with a few tweaks, the biggest of which was the roasting.  I LOVE roasted veg soup!

I also made the stir fry using some turkey ‘steak’ I had left over.  It was OK but lacking in a certain oomph which surprised and puzzled me until, reading through the recipe, I realised I had forgotten the ginger and garlic.  Doh!!!  I only ate half yesterday so today I will gently saute the missing ingredients and add them today: that should make a big difference!  After that I might blog about it, depending!

With all this extra time I find I have I’ve actually started to read through Jack’s book ‘A Girl Called Jack’ instead of simply dipping in.  Oh, there are so many frugal, easy, delicious sounding recipes I want to try in there!  When I’ve finished this I shall snuggle in my most comfortable chair and continue reading.  Normally I use little post-its in a recipe book to mark the recipes I might try but I can’t with this one, it would be bristling like a colourful hedgehog!  With the holiday coming up I will have the time to make some of them.  Great!

The days are longer, the air is warmer (a bit), the sun is shining and Julia’s hens are laying again!  Yesterday I resumed my visits to pick up my dozen eggs, as fresh as could possibly be, laid in the last few days.  Bacon and mushroom omelette for brekky, I think!  With parsley.

Yesterday George cut back my parsley.  You may possibly recall that last year I bought a tray of rather dried up, sad looking parsley plants for £1.  I gave some to Beth and planted the rest around the edge of the veg bed and they grew amazingly.  With the warm winter we have had they didn’t die back at all.  Now I know that second year parsley seeds rather quickly (can one use parsley seeds?) but it seems a bit silly to dig it all up while it’s looking healthy so I nipped all the usable bits off the stems, washed and dried them, placed them in a poly bag straight into the freezer.  I’ve done this before: what happens is that the frozen leaves become extremely friable and shatter, giving you instant chopped parsley.

If what’s left in the soil doesn’t send up any new growth, well, never mind, not a problem.  I have plenty to see me out!

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