Saturday 8 March 2014


Oh, I was so tired yesterday.  So tired that I went o bed at around 7:30, having fallen asleep in front of the telly.  I woke at half five this morning feeling a whole load better so I must have needed that sleep very much.  It was lovely to stay in bed and carry on reading Orwell's 1984, this month's book for a little Facebook reading group I belong to.  I first read this book when I was a teenager, for English study and I don't think I've read it since, although I remember a lot of it very clearly.

I managed to get loads done yesterday.  OK so I worked through, taking half an hour to eat lunch, but it was necessary and although there's still a huge long list of outstanding stuff, I'm glad to have got some of it done and dusted (for now).

It's going to be a working weekend too as it is consultation evenings next week and the reports have to be ready.  I am thankful that the marking is all up to date, more or less, so no worries about that!  This term I have been getting the children to stick their own work into their books themselves and, as they get older and more 'proficient', more work is being done straight into their books too.  It makes a big difference.

Right - off I go to put the bread on, put the coffee on and make breakfast.  Something eggy, I think.  If beth and Alex come round I think I will make lunch not dinner - soup and then muffins with home made cream and jam.  Yum!

Have a good day!

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