Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Easy peasy biccies

Teachers everywhere (primary ones, anyway) will sympathise.  Ends of terms can be very expensive, what with little gifts, etc.  Christmas, Easter, end of their time with you, all need to be marked in some way.

At easter I usually buy them a creme egg and they have a wee unit of work that involves making an open box for their egg - starting with nets, moving on to creating the best net, decorating, adding flaps, etc . . .

But this year have you seen the price of creme eggs?  Buying 28 of them is just not on.  So this year we are making Easter biscuits (topped with a wee candy coated egg).

So the search was on for a recipe.  I found one but, of course, no teacher worth his or her salt would try this with the children without testing it first.  So I just have.

Nice?  Well, let's say that I must remember to leave some for my colleague to taste tomorrow.  And I'm going to post it in TsRs because it's a goodie.  Dead easy, minimal ingredients and very tasty.

er . . . must just pop back into the kitchen to . . . er . . . do something or other.

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