Monday 24 February 2014


The holiday is now completely over, done, past and finished.  It's been a lovely week but all good things . . . etc.

I like this half term's theme:  It's history based, a but undefined, just about life in the past.  We chose to focus on Victorian life and have a jolly good time looking at olden days things, learning olden days songs and games and so on.  It's the last time we will do this these due to the changes in the curriculum from September so I intend to enjoy it.

I made a souper soup yesterday so I've shared it on TsRs.  Then, in the interest of clearing the freezer a bit, I dug out some tea loaf for dessert and jolly tasty it was too.  Tea loaf is easy and unorogonal, although one can put ones own slant on it with the use of alternative dried fruits, spices, etc.  I think I'm going to try it using some fruit tea instead of 'proper' tea.  That could be tasty.  I'll dig out the basic recipe and post it on TsRs.

Well, better go and do the other blog and then have a bath and get ready.  Back in at the deep end!!


  1. It's always an unwelcome change when you have to put aside something that works and is enjoyed by all. Victorian times sounds a lovely topic. Long enough ago to be history and not too far away from today. Jx

  2. It's a very enjoyable unit. The new unit from next September onward is n ot history for me, it's within my own lifetime. Sad!
    J x

  3. My lifetime too! Bet it won't be as interesting. Good luck! Jx