Monday 3 February 2014

Sunday (update)

This is what I prepared on Saturday evening for posting on Sunday.  Unfortunately, by Sunday, my internet connection had gone doolally so I couldn't post.  Really annoying and a most isolating feeling.
I could have posted today at school but it was one of those terribly busy days with no time to do anything but a brief message to say I was having problems.

Anyway - imagine you are reading the rest on Sunday morning - OK?

Well, I woz rong!  Yesterday turned out to be gorgeously sunny more or less all day and it was a very pleasant start to the day going into town to pick up my parcel which was a replacement measuring cup for my thermomix.  Diane - if your mc has gone all cracky and funny, it's a fault in the material and if you get in touch with your rep, she (or he) will organise to replace it free of charge.

After picking up the parcel I mooched around a bargain shop whose name escapes me right now and picked up some toiletries cheaper than usual plus some porridge for when we do LBTL.  Then I went next door to Matalan and browsed because I haven't been there for ages.  I bought some undies and then, great find, some high sided, smallish lasagne dishes of a kind I have been looking for for ages.  I bought two, then I can make Sunday lasagnes for me, Beth and Alex, one vegetarian and the other with meat.  The only problem is that I am not sure where to put them but I'll solve that one somehow.

After arriving back home I was called out on an emergency dash to Beth's which turned out not to be an emergency in the end so that was good.  What wasn't so good was that I went the Writtle way to Beth's, only to be greeted by floods outside Writtle Ag and a great big long line of traffic.  It wasn't so deep that I couldn't have got through but I didn't want to risk it as the car is pretty old and occasionally lets in water underneath.  So I waited until I was able to turn but then, on the other route, got stuck behind cyclists.  Oh, well, that's life!!!

While all that was going on, ingredients for a romesco sauce were slowly simmering away in my slow cooker and the results are great so I've posted about it on Teacher's Recipes.  Once properly home I cracked on with my bread dough and I heated some of the soup I made earlier on in the week which is extremely delicious.  I had already posted the recipe on TsRs and here's the link to it.

While I was at Beth's I took some Kitty Pix so I'll be delighting you with them for the next few entries, I think!
I'm glad I'd set the camera on sport or this would have just been a blurred mess!

I particularly love this one!

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