Monday 17 February 2014


Wasn't yesterday gorgeous?  It was here.  Sunny and so mild I was able to leave the French windows open and air the downstairs of the house.  It was almost mild enough to sit out (well wrapped up in a cardigan and boot style slippers!).

I was so lazy again too.  I idled my time away instead of getting on with chores.  The bread rolls were scrummy so I will work it up to a recipe and post it on TsRs which has been sadly neglected in recent weeks.  I did get a whole load of washing done so there's now a whole load of ironing waiting my attention.  It won't be long before I can put the drying rack outside, if the weather goes on like this.

Dinner was good.
I cooked the pork (shoulder) in my slow cooker.  I made a bed of veg with the trinity of flavours, carrot, onion and celery and laid the pork on top (it almost didn't fit).  Over that I poured some cider and added a pork stock cube.  That was it really.  It cooked on low all through the night and the next morning I turned it up to high (which isn't very high at all).  The pork was delicious, full of flavour and also melt in the mouth which is how I like my meat.  I can't cope with 'chewy' meat.  The stock was also very flavoursome - some made a lovely gravy and the rest is now in the freezer, covering three pots of single portion leftover meat.  Given that Dave and Alex both had enough meat for two portions, I had one and there's three good portions still to be had, that was pretty good pickings from a (reduced) £5.00 joint!
I would have popped the vegetables in with the roast potatoes to crisp up but they were cooked in meat and I was catering for a vegetarian.
The Yorkhires also rose a treat and there were three left over so thay are also in the freezer now - so that's three roast dinners as leftovers.  Can't grumble!

While I was preparing the roasties I decided to do extra as I have run out of  roasties in the freezer.  After parboiling, I lay the extras out on some easy-leave to cool, dredged them with flour, open froze them and then bagged them up in the evening.  It's so much easier than preparing them from scratch, especially for just one person.

Today?  When, who knows.  Ironing, for sure.  I love the holidays.

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