Friday 7 February 2014


Not with my class a.m. (PPA catch up time and a very, very important meeting - which went well).  Children very noisy and -er - well, noisy!
Wet lunch time, children stuck inside.

I expected a right afternoon session but, praise be, I had a challenge for them, to make a poster promoting books to go with our Book Fair with real, worth having, prizes.  A token worth £5.00 to spend at the book fair.
After a noisy start I had them back on the carpet, pointed out that their work is much better quality when they concentrate and sent them back to work in silence for quite a long time (their choice).  Phew, much more peaceful.  And the posters were brilliant.  One or two might possibly be on track to win something and all of them are worth laminating and placing around our book area.  Result!!

And afternoon play was also wet, very wet, but we are gradually working our way through Finding Nemo on wet playtimes so all was sweetness and light.

Can't complain, can I?  Maybe my class management isn't so bad.


  1. It sounds like your class management is more than just 'not bad'! Well done you! Sounds like a productive and fun day! Glad the very, very important meeting went well. Have a lovely weekend! :o)

  2. Thanks, Sonja. I've got your email, by the way, and will reply! :-)
    J x