Tuesday 18 February 2014


. . . and it has been raining again.  As if we hadn't already had enough.  However, at least it has been mild, even with the bedroom windows open.  I am minded of the dire warnings we had about snow, blizzards and more snow around November time and realise that a drop of a few degrees and we would likely have had that.  Certainly there's been enough precipitation.  However, the USA got it all instead.  Neither is what you would call nice weather but I wonder which those who have suffered do badly from flooding would have chosen.  As it is, it looks as if we will actually have absolutely no snow whatsoever this year.

Holidays are nice.  I'm enjoying this one no end.  I hope you're having a pleasant time too.


  1. If we had it as snow instead of the rain I think with those quantities there would have been flooding after the big melt, a double whammy ..

  2. I guess you are right although if the thaw was slow there would be time for it to drain off - maybe.
    J x