Thursday 27 February 2014


. . . and I'm just managing to squash in a post this morning.  I feel like I am chasing my tail this week, probably because I was lazy in holiday week and didn't spend loads time doing work, work, work.  Shame, that.  And now, of course, things have started piling up and up and up again and one of these days it's all going to crash down, probably flattening me underneath.  I wonder if anyone will miss me!  < smile >

Let's be more cheerful.  What a lovely few days we have had, weather-wise.  Sunny, horizon to horizon glorious blue sky, mild, cheering.  Shame about today - freezing cold and chucking with rain.  Can't have it all, I guess.

Yesterday was fantastic.  Such a great day at the museum, the children were marvellous, the parents had all made superb efforts to dress their children up, provide them with 'Victorian' lunches (loads of brown paper in evidence) and not only were the coaches on time, there was also plenty of room!  Woohoo!

And now, school work all ready and prepared, I need to get myself sorted.  Have a great day and stay warm, wherever you are.


  1. What a miserable start to today wet cold and windy glad your trip went well yesterday I think you are very brave to take a pile of little ones out for the day!!!!

  2. :-) Thank goodness it wasn't just me. TAs and parents helped too and were great!
    J x