Monday 10 February 2014


Good morning, welcome to a new week.  Yesterday was rather nice with plenty of sun and not too much rain.  I stayed inside most of the day, pottering in the kitchen and creating an almighty mess which I will need to clear out before I go to school.

I'm still chuffed to discover that Handy Andy will bake my small amounts of bread just as well as my oven does.  It's nice to discover something that is frugal all the way round.  I'm not sure I will bother to use it for the rising and proving unless I'm in a bit of a rush (in which case I am unlikely to make bread!) but I will certainly use it for the baking part from now on unless the oven is naturally on for something else.

The planning is all done, the resources are more or less made for today (must take a last look at the maths though) and I am ready.  With all the focus on OFSTED at the moment, I can't help a slightly sick feeling every morning which is not good but perfectly natural (I think).  However, I am aware that I am going on about it far too much so I will shut up now.

I'm looking forward to this afternoon when I teach my class some simple photo editing techniques and let the loose on my laptop (which has Photoshop Elements installed).  I think they will enjoy it.  I certainly will!

And now I am off to get breakfast - some apple crumble granola made yesterday with a good dollop of natural yogurt on the top.  Nice!

Have a good day and fingers crossed it is sunny and not too windy!

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