Wednesday 12 February 2014


. . . and, hopefully, by lunchtime today we can relax as if we haven't had The Phoncall by then it won't happen this week.  That's the perceived wisdom anyway!

I love my Kindle.  I was browsing through the freebies on Amazon and found the complete Forsyte Saga, five 'Katy' books, the 'Little Women set' and the 'Anne books' all free and for gratis!  That will keep me in nostalgic easy reading over half term!

Yesterday was a very busy day.  With my class, meeting, paperwork from meeting, dealing with something, paperwork from dealing with something, loadsa photocopying . . .
It's just as well next week is half term so I can catch up on what I was supposed to be doing yesterday which was lesson planning.  Ah well, at least I am up to date with my marking and work in books, which is amazing.  There will be no panic before parents' evening this year - not that sort of panic anyway.

Today is with my class all day, yay!  Shame about the staff meeting after school but one cannot have everything, can one?

And now I must get ready for school.


  1. I love the Anne books! My mother gave me the middle name of Anne, after the heroine. Even today I enjoy reading them.

  2. Me too. Beautifully written.
    J x

  3. The books on the Kindle sound wonderful, Joy, as you say, lots to read over half-term.
    I can't believe it's half-term next week, my goodness, time flies, but I bet you are all glad to be having the short break.
    Have a lovely day with your class and hope the staff metting won't take too long.

  4. It didn't as it happened, and it was remarkably stress free. We have a wonderful headteacher.
    I'm very much looking forward to half term and a bit of a break.
    J x