Thursday, 20 February 2014


It's amazing how quickly this week is going.  Two more days left and they are filled with stuff.  Mostly self imposed stuff, to be fair, but even so.

I have decided I was to do things with my bedroom.  I can't have the units out and the whole thing redone, that would be silly and wasteful as they are not that old, but I could make better use of what I have got.  For a start, now I have much better storage in the blue room, I could put a fair amount of stuff in there and, in fact, all the cupboards really need a total clear out.  To do that I need to create a mess and as i sleep in there it can't be so much of a mess that I can't clear it each evening.  I must be very dim, it only occurred to me this week that I could sleep in the blue room and then I could do a complete and thorough job in my room.

Once that's all sorted, I want to have a table taken out (it's built in so needs doing properly), the walls stripping and possibly replastering, the ceiling de-artexed and the floor redoing, probably wooden flooring and a rug or two like the blue room, but I will have a good think about that one as I do like carpets. I think I want the walls painted, not papered (using pong-free paint this time - I have learnt my lesson from the blue room redecorating) and, to finish it off, new curtains and new bedding (perhaps, although that would be a luxury).  Oh, and for good reasons that are too complicated to go into now, I want a built-in headboard with integral lights (is that the right term).

And it would be nice if it could be done over the Easter fortnight but, if not, whenever.  I want to got this right.

Oh, and I want new curtains for the blue room - I have an idea of what I want but need to take a trip to Chelford Fabrics in Gamlingay.  Oh, the hardship!

I know that they say about the best laid plans (or, reading back, in this case it is 'wants'), but I can dream!

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