Saturday 15 February 2014


The alarm is off.  I woke at stupid o'clock, of course.  I'm down, have made fresh coffee (oh, the aroma) and had something to eat.  I can feel the sleepy waves coming closer and closer and in a while I shall go back up and have more sleep.  I don't care what time I wake up today.  It doesn't matter.

Then I shall potter.  There's reading on the list today.  Reading, making bread, reading, watching dvds, reading, sleeping, making or sorting out Sunday lunch - stuff like that.  No planning!!!!  Oh, did I mention reading?

I gather it was quite a night but I didn't notice.  Hearing aids out = total ignorance of any tornado/hurricane/lashing rain.  From what I can see through the dark the garden looks fine.  All the plant pots are upright and the shed roof seems to be intact.  I'm thankful for a sheltered garden.

Yesterday was rain, rain, rain all day long.  The poor children were stuck in all day but they coped remarkably well.  I thought there would be explosions, especially as it was 'wacky dressing up day' and they came in looking - er - colourful!  They were OK however, all the work got finished and they were rewarded with some extra Golden Time in the afternoon!  Nice.

And now it's half term.  Well, I suppose strictly speaking half term doesn't start until Monday but I don't care - nine days of no alarm and staying in my favourite place (home) all day is bliss.  It's even better because my lovely Lenka worked her usual magic yesterday so I don't even have to feel guilty that I'm not doing housework.  What more could an ageing teacher ask for, eh?

Have a great day and I hope that you have not had a bad time with the bad weather.


  1. There is nothing wrong with a day of indulgence doing exactly what takes your fancy. We have had a day of alternating showers and sunshine. Very difficult to judge when it is safe to go out as it can turn in an instant.

  2. It can. I was out trying to take some photos of the snowdrops in the sun when, out of the blue, the rain started. Most unexpected.
    I'm having a wonderful day!
    J x