Tuesday 25 February 2014


It's Tuesday, it's outdoor PE day and so, of course, it is chucking it down with rain.  I don't think we have had more than two outdoor PE lessons since Christmas.  It's a right pain as the ought to be getting their 'games' lessons but also because one has to plan in another lesson which isn;t quite as easy as it sounds.  Fortunately, today I do know what they can do instead.

It's not me that delivers those lessons, of course, as Tuesday is coordinator day and then PPA.  I'm thankful for the time as there's a lot to do before the trip tomorrow.

It was really lovely to see my littlies yesterday morning.  Everyone was in so I guess the bugs that have more than decimated my class have finally taken flight.  They were so excited that they could play on the school field: it's been a quagmire most of winter and they have had to satisfy themselves with the playground and the adventure playground so to have the run of the field was truly thrilling.  Of course, it is raining again now!

Mean teacher pointed out that they are now officially halfway through year 1 and the expectations are greater.  I then set them quite a challenging task for their diaries and, bless them, they rose to the occasion magnificently.  In the afternoon we talked about tomorrow's trip and then about the theme for the half term.  At one point someone mentioned about 'getting the cane' so I acted it out with one boy (after emphasising that I was just acting) but I must have done too good a job because he was most reluctant to hold out his hand for a pretend whack and looked positively frightened!!  I think the reward of a housepoint was adequate compensation though, as he looked very pleased afterwards.

Better go and dry my hair now.  I need to be in as early as possible as there's a lot to do and little time to do it.

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