Sunday 23 February 2014


Ooops - woke up at around seven thirty.  Tomorrow is going to be an awful shock and I MUST remember to set the alarm or I shall be in trouble.

We've had rain overnight.  The patio is wet and it's somewhat overcast at present, but never mind, BBC weather tells me that it's likely to be dry and overcast today while Cambridgeshire gets any rain going the rounds.  I can live with that.

Yesterday was OK.  George turned up and the garden now looks a whole lot better.  Things have been dug up, moved around, cut right back and swept tidy.  Good for George!

I looked up recipes galore and made a version of French onion soup which was extremely scrummy and delicious.  Now I am trying to decide whether to make a soup for lunch or to have beans on toast.  I think I will check the state of the vegetables because soup does sound very nice indeed.  I have quite a lot of peppers so maybe a roasted red pepper soup would be a way to go.  I shall ponder on it!

Today I have to get things ready for school which is such a shame.  It's been a restful, gentle week with no great excitements, just what I needed, in fact.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing my children again after a week without them.  It's strange - I always feel like that over the half terms and short end of terms but not in the long summer term.  Perhaps it is because then I have mentally handed them on to their next teacher but don't know the new ones all that well.  Whatever the reason, it will be lovely tomorrow.

Now I'm off to look up some roasted red pepper soup recipes.  Fun!


  1. Wishing you Good luck for the weeks ahead. Jx

  2. Thanks, Joan. Waking early was a trial this morning! :-)
    J x