Friday 28 February 2014


Interviews today.  This time it's for the post of SENCo.  No, I'm not standing down from being SENCo, this is our way of managing the inevitable changeover that will occur in the next two, three or four years as both of us currently in the SENCo role are at, or close to, pensionable age.  It's a huge role and requires lots of know-how and stuff that I have picked up over long years.  I became SENCo when the role was first created in the first ever Code of Practice for SEN and rolled with the changes from that point - I wasn'tever required to do the now compulsory National SENCo Training when it first came in because I'd done the job for so long.  I think the senior management shows great wisdom in having an overlap handover.  I guess also we are fortunate to be able to afford it.

So today we interview.  Hopefully, in the next few days I should know who my successor will be and then I can start working with her as well as with S.  Exciting times indeed.

In other news, lunchtime yesterday M came to me and said 'You know you have a supply this afternoon'.  What????   So we rushed to the diary and yes, I was down to go on the second part of some bereavement training.  Mad panic all round, supply turns up, quick handover and out to the car park where I find my car blocked in by two other cars (our car park is ridiculously small!).  So I was late, but never mind, it was good.

The children were tired after Wednesday's outing, but they worked very hard and did some great maths.  I've been blitzing addition and subtraction this week as they seemed to be very slow at 'getting it'.  but I'm much happier about it this week.  It's not that they didn't know how to add and how to subtract: they did.  The problem was that they weren't so hot on reading the symbols with understanding and their counting on/back (especially back) was weak, especially with the 'bigger numbers'.  It's so much better now that today we're starting algebra - you know, as in six plus what equals nine.  Fun!!!

And then after school I get my hair chopped off.  Not all of it, of course.  For a long time I have had very long hair, partly because I can't be bothered to find a decent hairdresser.  However, I have found someone who comes to my house and is very well spoken of by friends, so after school she's coming and my hair will no longer be down to my hips, thank goodness!


  1. This is really uncanny I too am having my hair chopped off today.

  2. If your hair is that long and you are having it a lot shorter, how about saving the cut off hair, might be useful to somebody for making extensions/wigs ...

  3. Algebra with littlies . What will 'they' come up with next! Jx

  4. I hope you are as pleased with yours as I am with mine, Diane.
    Annabeth - The bits aren't quite long enough really and they're all tangled up. She didn't plait and chop!
    Joan - yes, algebra, but very simple stuff. We call it 'missing numbers' though.
    J x