Saturday 1 February 2014


. . . and what a wed, cold, dismal Saturday morning it is too.  The most dismal thing is that I have to go into town to pick up a parcel, so no comforting pj day for me today.  What a pain.
Borrowed from Google Images.
I shall make it up with some kitchen stuff.  I need to make some more bread as I took the last one out of the freezer the other day.  Diane - I tested my ovens with the oven thermometer but the lowest I could manage was too high for a proving oven, sadly.  Never mind.  I also want to have a bash at Jack Monroe's Romesco sauce which is a slow cooker recipe, because it sounds good.  If it's as good as it sounds, I shall get out some of the pasta I made the other week (without egg) to have with some of the sauce.

I also have to pop a chicken into brine for tomorrow's roast dinner, to be halogen roasted as that's simply the best way to roast a chicken.  I will then have some leftovers for teas next seek and a carcass to slow boil to make some of that absolutely wonderful soup.

As it's raining so much, George won't be over to do his hour of fantasticness in my garden.  A shame but there's hardly enough work to fill an hour at the moment anyway so I shall count that as money saved and pop it in the savings jar.

Right, well, I'd better shuffle off into the kitchen to sort out breakfast and get the romesco sauce into the slow cooker.  I think I might treat myself to a pot of proper coffee - the kind with real caffeine!  Mmmmmmm.

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