Wednesday 31 October 2012


 . . . and just about half way through the break!  Time does rush past at an alarming rate sometimes, doesn't it?

Well, yesterday was a lovely day, albeit rather rushed at times.  To start with I got going on some of my rather neglected moderater duties and sorted quite a lot of stuff out.  Then I checked the time my visitor was due to arrive and it's just as well I did.  I had it in my head as 11:00 but we'd set it for 10:30.  After that it was all a bit of a rush.  I'd promised muffins so I set to and mixed up my simplest (but tasty) recipe and popped them on to bake, during which time I had my bath and washed my hair, which was sadly yucky!   I got there - just!  Phew.

After that it was all rather pleasant.  Pippa came, we talked over coffee and warm muffins (mmmmmm) and she went, and then not long after that around came Beth and Alex, the latter lugging his suitcase along behind him.  Al and I went out to the Flyer for tea and then we had a pleasant, relaxing evening together.  I had to laugh this morning though.  I gather Al is slow to wake at home but here he's down not too long after I am - which is very early.

Today I have nothing else planned apart from Alex being here until Beth picks him up, so I must get on with just a little bit of school work, some more moddy stuff and some washing, drying and ironing.  And a lot of resting and relaxing!  Sounds good, doesn't it?

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