Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday afternoon.

It's so nice being indoors all cosy and warm after brushing snow off the car.  No, I probably won't drive to school, I will walk because the roads will be bad, but just in case . . .  And if there's a big freeze overnight, will teachers be able to get into school anyway?  I don't know - time will tell.

It carried on snowing until around mid morning but has remained cloudy and dull all day.  For once we have had a fair bit more than my parents - usually it's the other way round.  I went out taking some photos but really they all look the same!  White . . .

DD and DG didn't come round (the roads are not good) so I have a pile of cheese sauce with nowhere to go right now.  Also chicken.  I ate more than I should have for dinner, seeing as it was just me, but there's still loads left and the carcass is boiling away at the moment.

Well, it's a big three cheers for the brining and slow cooking.  Diane was right, the flavour and texture is amazingly good.  No hint of dryness anywhere, despite being open roasted on a low heat for about three hours, it was firm and juicy and soft all at the same time.  And it didn't shed much stock, which means that all that deliciousness was retained inside the meat.  It's not a hassle either.  OK, so you have to brine the bird.  I did that yesterday and then left it wrapped in the fridge overnight, getting it out early morning to come up to room temperature.  But that wasn't a hassle.  And once in the oven it just got left.  No basting, uncovering, checking,. etc.  Just a quick glance at the thermometer now and again.  I wasn't convinced about that last hot blast.  Seems to me that is just for appearance as we don't eat the skin and is therefore unnecessary.  I'm sure Diane will put me right on this one if I have got it wrong. 
I guess this is how I will roast chicken from now on!  I think next time I will try it the other way up, with the breast underneath, just to see.

So tea today is macaroni cheese, tomorrow's lunch is lentil soup and chicken sarnies and tea has to be macaroni cheese with chicken!  All very scrummy.  I had planned to have beef in beer but that will just have to wait now.  One thing's for sure - I'm not going to starve!

Edited later to add - when I said 'we' don't eat the skin, I meant me and mine, not me and you, the reader.  For me the skin goes into the stock pot to simmer all the flavour out.

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