Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday morning, aka Target Tuesday (again)

Oh, dear, will Target Tuesday ever get to be a habit, I wonder?  Anyway, here's the results.
1.  Work on the new Flylady baby step - fifteen minutes of decluttering a day  which I changed to five minutes of decluttering each week day and fifteen on Saturday and Sunday for practical reasons.  Hmmm - well, I've sort of achieved this, I think.  OK, let's be honest, not really, but I've done some which is a lot better than what it would normally be, which is nothing!   Also, I don't think I am accumulating rubbish to such an extent now: I'm thinking 'it's clutter' and acting accordingly, and that's making a big difference.  For example, the post gets dealt with sooner rather than waiting for a pile that falls over before I act.  The cupboards and fridge get a mini de-clutter pretty often, just to keep on top of things.
2. Keep up the shiny sink and the swish and swipe, with all that is involved in this.  Well, I'm extremely pleased with this one.  I don't feel 'right' if I haven't shined (or should that be 'shone'?) my sink before I go to bed and before I go to work now, ditto for the swish and swipe after my bath.  I find that by the time I've done the quick once over and shined (shone) the bath, I'm nearly dry anyway and can then go and get dressed straight away.  Also ditto for keeping my bedroom tidy (comparatively tidy anyway) and making the bed each day.  What a difference this has all made during the dark winter months too.  I feel very smiley about it.
3.  Get my clothes ready the night before.   Again, sort of.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.  Must try harder!  :0)

The new targets will last for two weeks, as it's half term next week and I want to get a lot done.  I want it so much that I am going schedule the bigger declutters into a calendar for next week.

1.  Keep up the daily checklist and keep working on the clothes bit.  Can't let that all slide now, it has made a HUGE difference.

2.  Declutter and defrost the freezers.  It's a good time because it's so cold the food can just go in bags outside the shed and will stay thoroughly frozen in the time it takes.

3.  Deal with my two office cupboards - and be ruthless with the rubbish!  Totally ruthless.  Even the craft stuff.  Eeek.

4.  Declutter the video cupboard in the guest room.  There are videos in there that I will never, ever watch again.  For example, I have some home recorded Star Treks that were made after the 'hurricane' in 1987 (I think it was 1987) when the TV aerial was damaged and reception was dreadful.  Why I have kept them so long I will never know (apart from Trouble with Tribbles, which will always remain a classic, however dreadful the quality).  On the other hand, I have the full set of the Forsyte Saga, which I definitely intend to keep!  AND a recording of when my two were on WACaday (remember WACaday?) singing a self composed song, prophetically entitled 'I wanna be a Menace'!  That's possibly the most precious thing I have.  Must get it onto DVD!
Once that cupboard is clear(er), I could put the spare bedding into it (possibly in vacubags) which would free up the wardrobe drawers for my guests to use.

5.  I have just filed something away and been reminded of the shocking state of my filing drawers.  I think new inserts and a really good clear out is required.  I can do that one insert at a time (thus fulfilling the 15 minutes of decluttering each day) so all I need to do is get the necessary from Staples or similar, dig out the shredder, and off we go!

That looks like enough to keep me out of mischief and make a significant difference to things, doesn't it?  Good!

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