Wednesday 8 February 2012

Wednesday evening

I can't say 'good morning', can I, seeing as it's now past 18:00?  So sorry about the morning silence.  I had a wakey spell in the night involving coming down, doing some work and having a coffee (which never seems to keep me awake), felt pretty grotty this morning as a result and generally didn't have the energy to do much at all.  There's some OUSA pressures troubling me and the latest cold is impacting double plus!

Oh, well, never mind, it is now the evening and it's been a pretty good day.  Apologies if it sounds like boasting, but I was thrilled with the ICT lesson I delivered this morning.  I've not done it before and it wasn't what I'd planned but I had a revelation and followed it through.  And it worked in spades . . .  YAY!!  That's set me up for the next week or so!  It's things like this that keep me wanting to teach rather than gently retire and makes me think that maybe I'm not such a bad teacher after all.  And also that OFSTED had seen it!

After school it was staff meeting.  Now, I don't think I have said much about our staff room, but it is the most inadequate use of space I have ever come across.  For a start, there isn't room for all members of staff, which means that some of us have our break and coffee in a bay.  The kitchen part is a disaster, creating more of a traffic jam than the Thames crossing on the M25.  And that's only a slight exaggeration, believe me. 
We had developed a total school remodelling plan after an official survey that declared our 'space' wasn't really adequate but,sadly, it was stopped in its tracks by the government.  However, phase one was able to go ahead.  That included a completely new staff room with space, storage, amazing kitchen facilities and work stations enough for all.  For the last three months most of our curriculum resources have been stored (inaccessibly) in a sort of portacabin in the playground.  Today we used staff meeting time to get them all into the new storage space in the staffroom.  We all ended up dusty and worn out but with everything put away in our new space.  It's just brilliant.  Now we're pushing for a formal opening on Friday (last day before half term) with a ribbon cutting ceremony, a few bottles of something nice and general celebration!

We are happy!  Very happy!  :0)

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