Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday evening (whinge alert - a.k.a. don't read further if you'd rather not)

. . . and despite a week off school, I am still feeling 'orrible, on and off.  My voice is sometimes non existent (and what use is a teacher without a voice, eh?), recent events seem to be plotting to throw me off course in some very important areas of my life and ordinary, everyday things just seem too much for some of the time (quite a lot of the time, actually).  I met a lovely mum in Morrisons today (who is also an OU student) and she kept saying 'are you sure you're OK?' as I croaked my way through our chat.  I wanted to shout 'no, I bl**dy well am not' (which would have gone down a real treat, I am sure, so I bet you're glad I didn't) but natural courtesy and niceness prevailed, thank goodness, because she didn't deserve that. 

I suspect I will have to trouble my nice GP with it eventually, which I am really most reluctant to do.  I have a sort of - well, not exactly a phobia, but certainly a dislike of asking for medical help.  I have NO idea why, unless it is because my ex (and late) was a doctor, but I don't think it's that because he wasn't a GP.  It's just one of those things and once I go I think all sorts of self esteem stuff will come out and I don't so want that to happen.  Stiff upper lip and all that. 

Goodness, what a rant.  Sorry, gentle readers, but what use is a blog if you can't let rip occasionally?  I'm sure I will be back to my usual placid, peaceful, quirky self tomorrow and life will settle down again.  Fingers crossed.  And thanks for listening.

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