Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday morning

It's still cold here but nowhere near as freezingly low as yesterday morning which, I now gather, really was -13.  Yesterday the snow looked sparkly and it felt crunchy.  Today it seems to have lost its shimmer and gleam.  I know the sun isn't shining, but quite apart from that it looks nowhere near as cold.

In a 'nothing to do' moment yesterday I started fiddling with my (er - I mean the class) camera and discovered some new settings, including one that is supposed to be good for snowy scenes.  I wish I'd discovered that last weekend!!  I've taken a few shots but what I really need to do is some methodical investigation to see what works and what doesn't.  Perhaps I will have time for that this week.

I am cross with myself.  I had it firmly fixed in my head that I had a dental appointment this coming week.  When I dug out the card I don't - it was last week.  Darn it, that's a 'fine' to pay, an apology to make and I have to rearrange it - and the chances of getting one this week now are so small as to be non existent, this being half term week.

Oh, well, that's life . . .  :0(

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