Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday evening

As if there wasn't enough going on, this morning my PC decided to throw a strop, which it did most energetically and dramatically.  I have no idea what's going on except that I suspect it's something malfunctioning inside.  Certainly I am most careful and regular (like daily) with virus checks and, thankfully, I do a backup very single day too so, whatever the problem, it shouldn't be the end of the world.

Also thankfully, my marvellous computer expert, Eddie, when I contacted him, said he was able to come round tomorrow morning to take a look.  Eddie, you are THE BEST!!!  Many, many thanks.  Actually, he's unlikely to read this so I must make sure I tell him tomorrow, whatever the outcome, because just knowing that he is coming round is preventing an unavoidable minor worry from developing into all round panic with a capital 'P', sleepless night, bad dreams (OK, so this is an oxymoron, I know), nail biting, alcohol attacking . . .

You see, yes, everything is backed up (something Eddie set up a while ago) but I don't know how to access the backed up stuff (which is on a separate back up thingy), I haven't yet done next week's planning and -and - worst of all - ALL THE PLANNING IS ON MY COMPUTER.  That means all of this year's, thus far, all of last year's (which we base this years on with necessary amendments) and every other year, all of the resources, assessments . . . EEEEEEKKKKK.  June is going to kill me (June being my co-year 1 colleague)! 

But it IS backed up!  Phew.  I just cannot bear the thought of having to plan again from utter scratch.  Yes, it changes every year and if you look at the first planning we did for Year 1, after we moved to a themed approach, a number of years ago now, it will be totally different from last year's plans, but having to start from scratch - well, it's enough to make me consider retiring right now . . . so thank goodness for backups. I am sure Eddie will help me to access it, should it be necessary.
If you don't - why not?  Get it sorted NOW. 

You're probably wondering how on earth I am managing this blog entry.  Well, I meandered into school this afternoon, via the local library, and came home with the class laptop.  It's old, it's slow (I believe I am on the next list for replacement) but IT WORKS!!  And that's all that matters really, isn't it?

One more thing to be grateful for, apart from understanding friends who I am always grateful for, is DD.  She read yesterday evening's blog, decided I needed some support and phoned this morning to offer a lend of her daylight lamp, which is supposed to help with the winter blues and which she has found very helpful.  Of course, I accepted with deep gratitude.  Many thanks, DD, love you!

So fingers crossed that it is something not too difficult to sort.  But if it is terminal, I am grateful for the fact that I do have some savings (I didn't spend Auntie May's legacy last year) and can resource a now computer.

I do have an awful lot to be thankful for, don't I?

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