Friday 10 February 2012

Friday morning

Just one more day and we are halfway through the school year.  A very chilly end to the half year it is too, with a little more snow last night and freezing temperatures to make walking to school something of a challenge.  I suspect it will be a case of walking in the road.  Still, it isn't far and, my goodness, I really could do with the exercise. 

I went into the kitchen just now to make breakfast and do the morning routine of emptying the dishwasher, which I knew was full.  Oooops - I loaded it up last night, put in the soap and . . . forgot to turn it on.   So now it is buzzing away merrily and will be finished, hopefully, before I have to leave for school.
I had nice weekend plans about visiting people which now seem to be scuppered.  Not only is the weather going to make the cross country drive something of a problem, the car battery is as flat as a pancake.  Fortunately, DD says she will take me to Halfords or somewhere similar to get a new battery and Lovely Neighbour's Husband across the cul de sac says he will fit it for me, pathetic female that I am!  Thanks you so much, P, I am very grateful for good neighbours.

And now I must, MUST remember to hand over the violin exam entries to the visiting teacher today . . . I think I need to tie a knot in my handkerchief to remind me, although I suspect I will forget what it is supposed to remind me of.  I'm getting old!

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