Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday morning

First of all, here's a link to that article on sleep patterns:  Last night I went to sleep pretty quickly as I was feeling very tired and, I think, slept most of the night, waking quite early.  I read for a while, turned sleepy again and dozed off.  And then the alarm woke me - I'd forgotten to turn the stupid thing off last night!!  It's ironic that the only time it ever wakes me is when it doesn't need to.  Usually I'm awake way before it's due to sound, but I always have it as a back up during a school week.

Yesterday was OK.  It was sunny and mild and the children didn't need their coats on at playtime.  They produced a reasonable piece of writing about the trip.  They had obviously had a very good time and chatted endlessly about what they had seen and done.  Little H brought in an old satchel stuffed with olden days things (which I remember using when I was at school so we won't dwell too long on that, OK).  In Golden Time, a bunch of little girls tried to play olden day schools but discovered they really didn't know how to - so they pretended instead!

And today I have to work in school because the Artsmark people are in on Monday and my classroom is a mess!  Ho hum!

Mrs Clark, Mrs Clark, we've found a weaving loom, look!
And they had!

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