Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday evening

What a fantastic day.  What a brilliant time we have all had.  I will amplify more when I have got my head around it and also when I've had a good sleep.  Suffice it to say, I have no complaints, none whatsoever.  I am tired and my children looked worn out by the end of the day!

On my iGoogle this morning there was a link to an interesting article about sleep.  Basically it was suggesting that the traditional 'eight hours' isn't quite the way it is and that the rhythm seems to be four hours sleep, an hour (or more) awake and then another four hours or so of sleep.  There seems to be historical evidence for this as well as more modern evidence.
Makes my so-called 'weird' sleep pattern not so odd after all, doesn't it?  Maybe I am doing the right thing in coming down in the middle of the night and doing stuff until I feel tired again.

Mind you, since going back to school I have felt so much better (possibly due to DD lending me her daylight lamp as well as natural healing) but very, very tired of an evening.  Last night I had nine hours of more or less unbroken sleep, going to bed well before eight.  It feels good, very good indeed.

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