Sunday 22 January 2023

Sunday, 22-01-23

Morning, one and all; welcome to Sunday.  Aren't the weeks flashing past - only a week and a few days and we are into February!

Yesterday really was a very pleasant day.

It started, as I said yesterday, with a kitchen potter.  I got the day's supplies from the freezer, made some tomato soup (for lunch today), started off a pasta dough and generally sorted things out.  I love pottering in my kitchen.
This is what the pasta dough morphed into . . .

. . . coat hangers can be so very useful!

I had half yesterday and half is for this evening but, really, it's three portions and I must remember that in future as I was pretty stuffed after dinner yesterday!

I hadn't planned to, but ended up doing four loads of washing although, to be fair, two loads were door mats!  There's one more load to do today and then the ironing!

I got a bit of the blue room done.  Not as much as I hoped but I am determined to get it done today because I can feel myself dropping into prevarication mode and that's not great!

I broke my no spend rule but I think it is essential.  The lock on my garage defender was terribly sticky and difficult to open/close the other day so I have ordered some graphite powder which should sort it out.  I remember Dad showing me once and it will be a useful thing to have in store anyway.

I did something I have been wanting to get under my belt for ages.  Any of you with Thermomixes will know that there is a relatively new function that enables you to enter your own recipes that will then download to your machine.  I've wanted to work out how for a while so, as yesterday was a Me Day, I looked it up on YouTube and had a go with a simple recipe and, three cheers, it worked.  It needs refining but it works.  Well, it works on the screen - I need to try it in Real Life now.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did my Snippet, I watched telly and I continued making granny squares with my four ply stash - that, by the way, is what I sorted out yesterday, my stash of four ply.
I seem to have done quite a lot but those of you who said they call it a Me Day, not a lazy day, are quite right.  Maybe it is because we give ourselves permission to do what we WANT to do rather than what we HAVE to do; sometimes they are the same thing while sometimes they are different so the whole day ends up having been remarkably positive and productive.

On to today . . .
a bit more washing, drying and ironing
some meal planning (fun!)
shopping list (minimal, I hope)
a Snippet
the Blue Room - yes, definitely the Blue Room!
telly and . . .

Sounds OK, doesn't it?
So off I go to get started.  Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx


  1. Do you have a pasta maker to get the dough in strips like that or did you just use a rolling pin and cut it yourself? It looks good whatever the method used and yes, coat hangers have many uses around the house.

    Is the blue room finished yet? Or maybe the crochet called and you couldn't resist ... it is Sunday after all. Hope you're having a good day whatever you choose to do. xx

    1. I have a very basic pasta roller thingy - very simple but it does the job!
      Re the blue room - all done - can't you see the halo? :-)

  2. Wow sounds like a busy day yesterday! Hope you manage to get a little relaxing in. I'm working on my meal plan but it's not going very well lol

    1. Maybe something will click soon. Fingers crossed.
      It was a pleasant day - nothing too difficult! :-) xx

  3. Coat hangers are brilliant for pasta drying aren't they, so much more sensible than buying those special racks that have no other use. I always do it this way, and yes isn't homemade pasta so filling, you really only need such a small amount for a satisfying meal.

    The 'Blue room' does sounds posh. ;-)

    1. It really does! I grin every time I type it because is really isn't post at all. It's just ordinary! xx