Tuesday, 28 January 2020


Morning, everyone!

It's too dark to see what the weather is doing and, as I have towels wrapped around hair and body, there's no way I'm stepping out to check!!  However, the Beeb says that it's dry, skies are clearing and we may very well have sunshine for most of the day so that's cheering!

Yesterday held no surprises.  Knitter Knatter was spend undoing and re-kitting certain efforts but generally they are doing very well, bless them.
When I walked to tuition (just down the road) it was spitting with rain but by the time the hour was over it was throwing it down so one of the adults very kindly dropped me back in their car.  I was very grateful for that kindness; I'd have been soaked otherwise.

Today should be pleasant.  It is Slimming World group first thing and then, assuming the Beeb weather forecast is accurate, I want to spend some time planting bulbs.
I know that sounds odd and no, they aren't summer bulbs.  Last time I was at Hyde Hall, I bought some crocuses (I don't have any in the garden) and some tulips and I had a free gift of some scented narcissi.  I did mean to get them out in October/November but didn't.
On the bags it says best before the end of this January and a bonus is that I can see where all the other bulbs are as they're all coming up now.
So they're going out and, as they are already starting to shoot, maybe I will get a few flowers and, at the very least, some green colour where there are currently bare patches of soil.
Fingers crossed.

Later on there's a tuition session and after that Beth's coming over and she's treating me to a meal at Prezzo for my Christmas present.  We're getting a taxi there and back so I daresay something chilled, dry and white may be consumed and Slimming World won't get a look in!

And in between times, I have a jumper to stitch up and another one to get on with.  Also, Beth's staying the night so I must just check her room is OK.

It should be a nice day, hopefully for us all.


  1. It sounds as if you are going to have a nice full day. I love catching up with my daughters on a one to one so I am sure your lunch out will be enjoyable. I’m off to catch up with a friend and give her a belated birthday lunch. We were meant to meet up much earlier in the month but I was all full of a cold and cough. Bulbs are so forgiving so even if they don’t have time to put on much of a show this year they will be more productive next. Enjoy your day.

    1. It's an evening meal, in fact, and Prezzo has a lovely menu so I'm really looking forward to it. I must go online later and make some hoices or we'll be there all night. I'm so bad at making decisions!

      I think that about the bulbs too - they are forgiving and should be OK seeing as they are still 'alive' and are shooting.
      Have a lovely day. xx

  2. Enjoy dinner out with daughter. Fun.

  3. It really was, thank you.