Monday 6 January 2020


Good morning.  Sorry this is a bit late.  I decided to wait until I got home before writing this morning's entry.

It's been a lovely weekend.  Very quiet, of course, but it was good to find Dad well and enjoying his life and there were no significant things that needed sorting.

Today it's all back to normal.  The children are back at school around here although I'm not going n until next Monday, and tuition starts again so I have a bit of planning to write down (I do know what we're doing so that makes it easier).  Before then I need to unpack and to get some things in the washing machine before I set out to Aldi to do a shop.

I ought to be taking down the Christmas tree today, it being Twelfth Night, but it was so lovely and bright when I came in from the car that I've decided to have one more day of enjoyment and deal with it tomorrow.  Naughty but nice, eh?

Well, I'd better get going.  I need to have breakfast first (I delayed it and now am feeling peckish), then unpack, then go to Aldi.
Have a good day, everyone.


  1. I'm not starting tuition until next week as the kids all have TD days this week.

    Glad to hear things are going well for your Dad. That must be a relief for you. xx

  2. Your Dad is coping so well.That must make it easier for you.

  3. School begins tomorrow for us, then it really will feel like back to normal once again.
    It must be reassuring to know you're dad is happy and well. X