Friday, 24 January 2020


Good morning!  So here we are at the end of another working week (almost).  It started out gloriously sunny and frosty and is finishing up dull, dismal and damp, which is a real shame as that bright, cold weather was very cheering and invigorating, I found.

Yesterday was all about family with the family lunch.  To my delight, Dave (son) and Anna turned up.  Apparently, Dave had said they were coming but I had picked up that they weren't!  Silly me.  It wasn't a problem - I just got some broad beans out of the freezer to add to the veg-fest and decided that if the paprika chicken seemed to be going too quickly, I'd stick to vegetables.  However, there was no need for such self-sacrfice as there was plenty to go round with enough of the casserole and rice to make up two lunch-sized portions for the freezer.

It was a lovely time.  Lots of chat and laughter as we ate buffet style as my table really isn't big enough for seven!  All too soon, Dad left to get home before gloom set in and others left for their traditional pub crawl in London while Beth stayed around for a little while before she also went to do her shopping. 

It was a very happy day and, in a funny way, I was glad pottery was cancelled as I was pretty tired.

Today is back to normal, whatever normal means.
First thing, I am setting off for the surgery to p-p-pick up my p-p-prescription and then to Aldi, a hundred metres down the road, for my weekly shop.  On the way back, I might stop off at Hobbycraft as I go more or less straight past it.  Just for fun, you understand!

Then it's home to prepare for tuition, changed from yesterday, and to make sure the house is tidy for my lovely cleaners.  I'll definitely do some sort of exercise today as I missed yesterday's.

So not a very exciting day today but pretty pleasant all the same.  I hope you are having a good one too.  xx


  1. Lovely to hear that your family lunch was a success.

    When you say you go 'more or less' straight past Hobbycraft, does that mean it's not exactly on your direct route by any chance? 😂😂

    1. < chuckle > It's on a roundabout I go over but the next exit so truly 'more or less'