Friday, 27 March 2015

What am I going to do this holiday?

The most important - even above number 1!  I will spend quality time with family.

And the rest . . .

1.  I am going to finish Annelie's quilt.  I was so mortified that I didn't have it ready to take to her baby shower after school but there was just no time so she had to make do with a photo and a promise!

2.  I am going to sort out the shed and the chest freezer.  Both are a disorganised mess and getting worse by the week.

3.  I am going to sort out my 'school' cupboards at home.  I have two large cupboards that are chock-a-block full of card, paper, files, old floppy disks (remember them) and other school paraphanalia that I'm really not going to need any more.  What I do need is shelf space downstairs for my sewing things.

4.  I am going to make at least two summer skirts using fabric I already have and a very simple, four piece pattern.  They will do me for years.

5.  (the inevitable one)  I am going to tidy up my bedroom (again!)

6.  I am going to make some baby dresses for a friend.  Again, I have the fabric and the pattern.  I just need the time and the energy.

7.  I will start 'Breadline' on the 1st and it will be ongoing.

8.  I'm going into look carefully at Approved Foods.  The 'come hithers' that pop into my mailbox do not appeal, being all junk food stuff, but behind that there might be some really frugal stuff - flour, pulses, etc.  I want to find out.

and finally, less interestingly . . .

9.  I will start the end of year reports (last ones, yay, something I WON'T miss)

10.  I will get my bay ready for the new term and start clearing the cupboards, thanking God that last summer I was so motivated to clear out decades of clutter.

One more - I will print this out and put it in a conspicuous place so I can tick off as I do!


  1. Good luck with the list I am much better at writing lists than carrying them out LOL

  2. You sure that list is long enough??
    One thing's missing from it: 'relaxation holiday pamper just for me'
    Have a wonderful time! A xx

  3. I did think of more things after I had sent, Annabeth!!!
    I'll let you know how much of the list I manage to achieve.
    J x

  4. All I did was to highlight and click for the warning to flash up about that website name. Be careful, please. Jx

  5. I'm off to a quilt festival, we have friends coming for lunch then we have rooms to paint! Typical if us teachers, holidays are manic

  6. Do you mean approved food, Joan. I've been a 'member' for a while but have never used it. It seems to be OK.

    Froogs - have a wonderful time at the lunch and the quilt festival and hope the painting goes well! We don't seem to have many such festivals around here.

    J x