Tuesday, 24 March 2015


. . . and four more days.

Yesterday it was rather cold with a hard frost: today seems much milder, thank goodness.  I refuse to turn on the heating for a few hours when any reasonable, sane person is still curled up in their cosy, warm bed!

We had a minor panic yesterday when the felt for the puppets didn't materialise (sorry!) but I ploughed into some English and not long after I started the felt arrived.  My wonderful LSAs and an equally lovely mummy helper set to and by playtime there were 29 sets of felt outlines ready to start stitching together.

That was interesting!  Some great efforts and some dogged persistence was shown by just about all the children.  Talk about courage in the face of adversity, shown by the adults as well as the children!
This afternoon they stick on the features.  Their puppets are based on a character from an alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood that they wrote last week so there's a huge variation!

The other big event of today is the concert.  Many decades ago I started a tradition of a summer concert to sort of showcase the musical talent in the school.  I managed it for many years and then, when I dropped the role of music coordinator, it was picked up someone else and so on.  It's a major thing for those children who would otherwise not get the opportunity to play or sing before an audience and I respect their courage very much.  I'm looking forward to it.

I hope your day is as interesting as mine promises to be.


  1. The summer concert sounds absolutely delightful and what a great idea. You must be proud that you started it and that it has been continued. :o)
    Glad the sewing turned out well in the end - have fun with it today. :o) S.xxx

  2. :-) Thanks. The puppets are now finished and the glue should have dried.
    J x