Sunday, 1 March 2015

The breadline challenge.

This one was new to me when I came across it a few weeks ago via someones blog.  I'm familiar with 'Live Below the Line', the incredibly tough challenge to eat for five days on just £1 a day.  This will be the third year I have done it (if I do it this year) and, as things have gone up, it will be even harder than it was last year.

Anyway - the Breadline challenge.  The rationale is explained here, on the Breadline site.  Without going into unnecessary detail, basically it is the challenge to eat for £2.10 a day (and raise money as you do so).

The next fund raiser is next November so a fair way into the future right now.  However, it caught my attention.  £2.10 is a heck of a lot more than the £1 of LBTL and, with my enjoyment of cooking and current efforts to be frugal anyway, I reckon I could live quite well on that, especially when taken over months rather than just one week.

So - I shall take on the challenge.  Starting some time in April I will do my best to feed myself for £2.10 a day, that's £58.80 for a four week month.  Then I will see how it all goes.  It won't be a fund raiser at the moment, just an experiment.

I'm working out rules as well as using My Supermarket to compare prices, etc.  All jolly good fun, mainly, I suppose, because I don't HAVE to.  I hope it doesn't sound offensive to say that I think I shall enjoy the challenge - I know I have it easy and with a kitchen full of gadgets and a pretty simple lifestyle it shouldn't be too hard.

I also still have two freezers full of food and I shall have to find a way of incorporating what is in there without too much hassle.  Too much hassle would be a sticking point so it has to work smoothly for me.

Anyway - I think I am going to give it a go and I think Beth is joining me.  And in the meanwhile, eating out of the freezer continues.

Apologies for the waffle.  Sometime being able to think out loud is very helpful.

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