Monday, 16 March 2015

Breadline challenge

I'm a little further on with my planning.

After a chat to Beth we have agreed to share milk.  We will buy a four pint carton each week for £1.00.  She will have three pints and I will have one.  I'm glad because otherwise I would have to get skimmed and freeze some.  I much prefer semi skimmed and I gather that does not freeze so well.

I have some more easy and frugal recipes - tomato scones, muffins and an easy and speedy pizza base.  They've all been priced up and are manageable.

Beth and I will meet together before hand and make up a lot of bulk main course things, cost them out, portion them and freeze them.  It's something we had planned to do before we heard of this challenge and we already had plans for this starting in the summer holiday.  It's just been brought forward a bit.

Both Beth and I are happier when we plan ahead a bit so we will work well together on this, I hope.  She can take the lead in the vegetarian stuff and I will take the lead with the meat content.  I can see there will be a lot of chopped tomato!

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