Saturday, 14 March 2015


Getting home yesterday evening was just wonderful.  For all of us at school, Friday was a wearisome day after two long, long consultation evening days with all the accompanying tension.  I had done a little bit of a shop before coming home so I got that labelled and sorted (everything has the price on now in preparation for the Breadline Challenge which is about two weeks away now) and put away before I sank into my comfy chair with the laptop and went into a sort of daze for a while.  Early bed followed and this morning I am fine again.  A bit sniffly and a bit achey but nothing that's going to stop me doing anything at all!

That's just as well because I have a fairly full day.  I have to go out early and then I will be making bread, pasta for the lasagne, cheese sauce (in Thermione because that way it is an absolute doddle), a gluten free pasta bake, some tear and share bread, the lasagne itself, a vegetarian friendly lasagne and a recipe for turkey meatballs that I found and want to try.  I reckon I shall be using another chunk of last year's tomato harvest from the freezer which is good and there will probably be enough for me to make a wee lasagne for tonight's dinner too.

If I make the cheese sauce early, I can then mix the meatballs in Thermione and mop up residual bits of delicious sauce to add to the meatball flavour.  That's the idea anyway!

The nice thing about using your own home made pasta is that you can cut it exactly the right length instead of having to snip away at it in the style of a time cutter!  I never seem to be able to cut dried pasta properly: it always fragments into lots of shards which, while still usable, are rather irritating!

Unfortunately, after such an early night, I'm up well before the lark this morning.  I don't think I will get any more sleep this side of the work I have to do but this afternoon will likely see me snuggled under my fleece on the reclining chair having a bit of a shut-eye.  That would be nice anyway.

Have a lovely day, one and all.


  1. The italians have a name for the fragments and off cuts which they call maltagliati. Direct translation is "badly cut" but they get used just the same with any sauce of your choice or if they are small as additions to bulk up soup. the oddments of dried pasta make a good basis for a pasta bake.

  2. Good idea there, Diane, thanks. I tend to throw away the scraggy bits of home made pasta but won't from now on!
    J x