Monday, 30 March 2015

Breadline: one day to go

 . . . so I start tomorrow.  I shall post about Breadline in separate messages where possible because I appreciate that not everyone is interested in my ramblings about this and you don't have to read if you don't want to < smile >.

SO . . . there are meals in the freezer and there are supplies in the shed.  Some things have been accounted for from the start and some things I will 'pay for' as I use them.

The things that I have already taken off the total for the month (£60) are veg oil, butter, jam and marmalade (home made), skimmed milk, chesse (grated and in the freezer), coffee (getting my priorities right here), oats, peanut butter and potatoes.
There might be more to add to this as time goes by.

Each loaf I make costs 13.5p (some ingredients have already been 'paid' for).  As I start a new loaf, that amount will be costed in.

Not long now.

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