Friday, 27 March 2015


Just today and the term will be over.  We're all dreadfully weary and in need of a good break.  OK, so there's classrooms mto sort out and prepare, there's reports to write, there' s a lot of school work to get done but the day can start later and we can relax and generally take life a lot easier.  That will be so good.

After getting permission to make it known more generally, I can make an announcement.  After dithering and umming and ahing all year, I have finally decided and I will be retiring at the end of the summer term.  Getting old, that's me!

I won't be completely leaving.  For a start, I very much hope to go on the supply list.  I might do some private coaching.  I am hoping to stay on the governing body in one form or another.  The school has been almost like a second home for a long time and I just can't totally cut all ties.

So that's today's news!


  1. Congratulations! I wish I could too... work interferes with real life in my opinion.

  2. The transition from work to retirement is not that easy but keeping a little of your work life alive is a good idea then you can let go gradually. At first it feels as if you are on holiday and gradually you wonder how you ever found the time to go to work. I didn't really have a plan but other interests soon took up the time. The first thing I did was a degree in horticulture which kept me out of mischief to start with.

  3. Well-said, Chrissie - work takes up so much time! So much precious time when it would be so great to be able to do other things.

    Joy, I am absolutely delighted to hear this - it is a seriously wise and excellent decision and one I am sure you will not regret. You have so many lovely non-school interests you will finally have a chance to follow. It is great that you will still be involved in school life, too, but hopefully not too much! :o)
    You have chosen a good time to go because I imagine it will feel like a continuation of the summer break in a way, i.e. you won't suddenly stop going into school from one day to another, but will have not been in for a few weeks anyway. This could help to ease the transition maybe?
    Have a wonderful last-day-of-term. :o) S.xxxx