Monday 30 March 2015


Welcome to the first REAL day of the Easter break.  Weekend happens every week, after all.

Well, it was quite a wild and woolly day yesterday.  Sunshine interspersed with strong winds and very heavy rain.  A right mixture, in fact.

Beth came over but Alex decided to stay at home and revise.  We prepared for Breadline by making two main meals.  Beth put together a wonderful pot of lentil dhal and I concocted a pork mince thingy with veg, chopped tomatoes and so on.  I guess that's half the month sorted out for me when you take into account the roast beef that didn't get eaten because Al wasn't round that has now been frozen in single portions for other days.

I've soaking some butter beans and some chickpeas and will cook them in my pressure cooker today before potting them!  Both are gorgeous and making them from scratch is much more frugal.

I reckon we are more than prepared for the start of Breadline!

So what am I going to do on the first day of the holiday.  Well, I want to pop out to a certain retail park that has an Argos and a Hobbycraft and a comment on Facebook has made me NEED (definitely need) to have a go at making English muffins.  After that I will be more or less out of strong flour so must get some more from Lidl or Aldi.
And there's some sewing to get on with.  Lovely!

Have a grand day!


  1. Have a lovely day Joy and enjoy your shopping trip. The weather here was terrible yesterday but today looks a bit better.

  2. It's sunny here too. Cold though. Have a good day, Sonja, and fingers crossed!
    J x