Saturday, 28 March 2015


Phew.  After a pretty hectic and not-terribly-easy day, the Easter Holiday has finally started.  I'm totally whacked but I still woke at half past stupid o'clock!  Once I've retired, perhaps, slowly, this will improve.  I'm all for an early start but not this early!  The clocks go forward overnight so maybe I will wake an hour 'later' tomorrow.

After a very busy day, yesterday evening was so good.  I've had my friends S and M staying for a few days and they bought in a take away Indian meal which was really delicious.  Then we watched the film about Alan Turing, The Imitation Game, which, despite quite a lot of historical inaccuracy (I gather), was absolutely brilliant and kept me awake all evening.  Thank you so much, lovely friends, for a super evening.

Normally on a Saturday morning my first act is to whack the bread on but not today as I still have the three loaves I made last weekend snuggling in the freezer.  I make little loaves in 1lb load tins as there's just me and I don't necessarily eat all that much bread during the week.  No point making some when I don't need to although I will probably do some for Beth tomorrow.

Today I plan to do not very much at all.  I shall watch Saturday Kitchen while tackling the huge pile of ironing that has built up in recent weeks and I will probably have a few snoozes along the way.  I might do some sewing, in fact I probably will.  After all, I have a quilt to finish.  And I might get into the garden, weather permitting - it was lovely weather yesterday.  Oh, and I have to finish next week's food plan!

Although there was no food left from the takeaway, there was some sauce left at the bottom of the containers so I spooned it all into one of my plastic pots (yes, all mixed up) and will use it later on with a chicken thigh, some veg and some extra spices.  Waste not . . . and there's just enough for one!

But for now I think another hot drink is in order.


  1. Snap, I too have a pile of ironing to keep me occupied but I intend to take the day easily as I will need a bit of energy tonight for the party.

  2. I can recommend Sinclair McKay's book, 'The Secret Life of Bletchley Park' if you fancy finding out more of the true story. Jx

  3. It really was such a wonderful evening, fabulous food, film and company, thank you so, so much. :o)
    Look forward so much to seeing you again soon.
    Hope you have been able to rest today and that you have had a lovely day. :o) S.xxxx

  4. I've been very lazy, Sonja and Diane. Very nice too!
    Joan, I think my dad has that. I will ask him when I next see him.
    J x